"I love their famous Trebah Flans, yummy!" P. Atkinson, Truro


Trebah has an excellent collection of bamboos and they were grouped together in a specially created maze of paths known as the Bamboozle, which zig zags alongside the stream. There are numerous different species and cultivars to be found there; black canes, golden brown canes, yellow canes, green canes – even square canes! One of the most spectacular is the 'Moso Bamboo' Phyllostachys edulis which has olive-green canes thicker than a man's arm and has been known to grow 30cm in just 24 hours. It would be impossible anywhere within the British Isles for such a growth rate to be sustained indefinitely, but specimens at Trebah do regularly reach 10m tall in just one growing season.

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The Bamboozle can be seen by following Beach Path

Bamboozle Facts....

  • There are 40 different species and varieties of Bamboo at Trebah
  • They attain their fastest growth rate on warm, cloudy and windless days
  • The thickest cane at Trebah was recorded at 38cm in circumference
  • The emerging shoots have to be protected against the marauding resident squirrel population