Trebah has an excellent collection of bamboos, planted in a maze of paths known as the Bamboozle.

There are many different species and cultivars to be found there; some with black canes, golden brown canes, yellow canes, green canes and even square canes!

It would be impossible anywhere within the British Isles for such a growth rate to be sustained indefinitely, but specimens at Trebah do regularly reach 10m tall in just one growing season.

Bamboos at Trebah

There are 1500 species of bamboo in the world. Virtually every continent has its native bamboos except Europe, particularly the orient and South America. The first bamboo to be introduced, Phyllostachys nigra, arrived in 1826 at a London nursery and now there are around 200 hardy varieties in the UK.

At Trebah we have 47 different species. These can all be explored by clicking on each bamboo genus below.