At Trebah, we are committed to communicating to others the care and love we have for this unique environment.

Trebah’s environmental policies are:

  • Reduce, re-use and recycle onsite, wherever possible

  • Responsible purchasing, local sourcing, seasonal catering and low food miles, wherever possible

  • Communicate to and with our visitors and staff, survey and implement actions and promote green credentials, wherever possible

  • Continue to monitor, evaluate and change systems, wherever possible

Trebah Kitchen

Our cafe reflects our values across Trebah and is focused on delivering a slice of our ethos straight to your table. Click here to find out more about Trebah Kitchen's values & ethos.

Trebah Kitchen

Solar Energy

In 2016, a Solar Photovoltaics system was installed on the Visitor Centre to provide Trebah with sustainable power to our Shops and Cafe.

They reduce energy consumption by an estimated 25% and save over 28,500 kg CO2 a year - the equivalent of planting 28 trees per year!

Solar panels at trebah

Ground Source Heating System

In 2019, we installed a Ground Source Heating System. Installed under the site of the Court Garden, 100m deep boreholes were drilled and pipework connected to the Visitor Centre.

Ground Source Heating heats and provides hot water for the Visitor Centre, using cleaner energy which replaces our old propane gas-powered boilers.

Ground Source Heating installation at trebah

Electric Tools

Our Garden Team rely on power tools to keep Trebah looking its finest. Where possible, we have switched from petrol-powered to electical-powered ones, to reduce our carbon emissions.

Gardener with electric leaf blower