Dog Friendly

We are proud to be an inclusive garden and dog-friendly attraction.

To make sure all visitors have an enjoyable experience we have some dog paw-licies which we ask everyone to follow.

Stay In Control

We ask that dogs be kept on a short lead as they sniff their way around the garden and beach. Most of us love dogs, but some people do not. Please be respectful and ensure your dog is not running up to anyone.

Keep it Clean

Please ensure that you are always aware of your dog when they are using the loo! Compostable poop bags are available free from our entrance team, and dog bins are highlighted on the map.

Hydration Stations

Doggy bowls are located all over the site, some outside of the café, in the court garden, to the right of the entrance door, on the beach and in our plant centre. They are frequently used by our four-legged friends, so be sure to ask a member of staff if they need a topping-up.

Dog Dining

Our café has designated dog areas, to the left as you enter and outside on the terrace, keep a look out for those tables labelled. For Health and safety reasons, please don’t let your dog sit on the seats or climb on the tables. Please can we also ask you not to take your dog to the service counter when ordering food and hot drinks.

Chatty Chappys

We understand that dogs are often excited when they come to see us, but please try to manage any barking. If it continues, we will ask you to take the dog outside to avoid causing a disturbance to other visitors.

Canines in the Cove

As they explore our beach, and dip their paws in the water, please remember to keep them on a lead as other visitors too would like to enjoy the water. There is a dog bin on the right of the beach.