The genus Chusquea comes from South America where there are about 200 species from Mexico to South Argentina.

The stems of Chusquea are completely solid. Chusquea has the largest number of individual species within any bamboo genus.

Chusquea culeou

The most southerly bamboo in the world, coming from the very tip of South America. Forms a tight clump with thick, solid, upright yellow-green culms.

Chusquea culeou at trebah

Chusquea gigantea

One of the most impressive bamboos that can be grown in the UK, it is both rare and sought after. This large growing Andean species creates an awe inspiring clump of widely spaced thick, upright culms. New culms have attractive persistent cream sheaths. It is best planted as a specimen and thrives in coastal locations. The clump at Trebah is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, in the UK.

Chusquea gigantea at trebah

Chusquea quila

A low bamboo with culms that grow at 45 degrees and then hang. It grows in the humid temperate forest of Chile and Argentina.

Chusquea quila