Degrees Art Exhibition

Degrees Art Exhibition

Join the Terra Mater artists at Trebah to see new and developed work from eight local women artists. Each artist shows their concern about the effects of climate change through their work.

DEGREES refers not only to the reality that we are fast approaching a critical rise in temperature of two degrees but also to the extent to which people will be impacted by these changes, depending not only on where they live on the planet but also their social and economic situation.

In the show you'll be able to see:

  • Paintings by Karen McEndoo and Dana Finch
  • Art jewellery by Sarah Drew and Donna Burns
  • Ceramics by Laurel Keeley and Bridget Macklin
  • Sculpture by Whitney Ray Manning
  • Ceramics by Katie Bunnell

Terra Mater Art is a group of twelve women artists who are concerned about the damage humans are precipitating on the planet, and who are alarmed about the reality of climate change and the effect it will have on societies and eco-systems, on our whole way of life and very existence.

With this exhibition, the Terra Mater artists hope to spark discussions about what is happening now and likely to occur in the near future, as well as considering and suggesting possible solutions and methods to counteract the damaging increase in global temperatures.

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