It's Show Time....

It's Show Time....

For the ninth successive year we have won the Chamber of Commerce Silver Challenge Cup.

This is awarded to the exhibitor who gains the highest number of points in the hardy trees and shrubs classes.

It's always relatively easy when one has a garden the size of Trebah, to find plenty of flowering material for the large display of trees and shrubs, however, to find perfect prize winning Camellia and Rhododendron blooms is another thing altogether - it is so weather dependent.

This year we managed to escape the rain and gales but due to the cold early spring, many of the Camellias and especially the very large showy Rhododendrons were still in tight bud on the day we went picking for the show. A perfect bloom has to be perfectly formed and absolutely without blemish.

Camellia flowers especially are delicate, and bruise easily when handled, they are also highly susceptible to damage from wet and windy weather so perfection is not easily come by! The Camellia classes at the show are quite competitive so we were thrilled to win first prize for 12 varieties.

Having said that, I'm happy to rest on my laurels - the temptation to win the cup for just one more year to make it ten years on the trot, is just too alluring.

Watch this space!

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