Spring in the Plant Centre

Spring in the Plant Centre

The sun is finally shining, and as the weather is warming up in the Plant Centre we have a lovely range of beautiful and interesting plants in stock - many of which have been grown here at Trebah Nursery…

  • Lampranthus in full bud and flower, giving a mass of vibrant daisy flowers during the late spring and early summer months

  • Geranium maderense (looking superb in the Court Garden at the moment) - several different sizes available, including some specimen plants in bud/flower now.

  • Echium fastuosum and Echium pininana - these incredible plants are absolute bee magnets and wonderful for attracting pollinators into your garden.

  • Dicksonia antarctica – large trunks ranging between 2-5ft tall for creating instant impact and which can be planted directly into the ground or containerised to give a lush effect and create your own mini-Trebah.

If you’re planning your hanging baskets or patio containers, we have many long-flowering varieties of Calibrachoa, Osteospermum, Petunia and Diascia, as well as the highly scented Nemesia ‘Citrine’ which featured in our Court Garden last year and continued to bloom for months, providing us with it’s wonderful fragrance until the end of October. Some are ready and available for sale now, and there will be more varieties coming through in the next couple of weeks to give our full range by the end of the month.

Also, don’t forget that we stock a great range of high quality Burgon and Ball tools as well as frost resistant terracotta pots that are perfect for showing off all your favourite plants.

We’d love to see you and help with your gardening and plant requirements, so please do pop in on your next visit – and don’t forget your Trebah Membership card to take advantage of your 10% discount!

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