Upgrades In The Play Areas

Upgrades In The Play Areas

Our play areas are now open again!

We're delighted to announce that the regeneration work in our children's play areas has been completed and both Tarzan's Camp and Fort Stuart are fully open again.

In Fort Stuart the old structure has been replaced by a new, more modern one, complete with a slide, climbing ramp, net and firefighter’s pole.

In Tarzan's Camp the climbing frame and slide remain, whilst seeing the addition of climbing ropes, as well as a new play net spread between nearby trees. Around the perimeter, new ropes make it possible to climb from tree to tree.

After a review of our play areas we decided to make these essential changes to the structures. Concerns over safety for installing and maintaining a new unsupervised paraglide at Trebah led us to take advice from specialist installers who recommended installing different equipment that more than one child could use at the same time. As a result, the paraglide has now been replaced with an exciting trim trail.

Thank you for your patience while we undertook the work on the play areas.

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