First flowers for a new Magnolia campbellii

First flowers for a new Magnolia campbellii

Our champion Magnolia campbellii gets a lot of attention as its flowering heralds the start of spring, alongside the other champions in the county. You might even be mistaken for thinking that it is the only Magnolia to be found at Trebah, however this is most certianly not the case.

Depsite being the first to flower, and undoubtedly the most dominant Magnolia in the garden, there are many other varieties that flower throughout spring.

M. x soulangeana and M. 'Genie' are two such which stand out, with pale pink and purple flowers respectively (photographs below).

10 years ago a new Magnolia campbellii was planted and we are delighted to announce that this year was the first time it has flowered. This is especially exciting because it can sometimes take up to 50 years for a Magnolia to come into bloom, which is a testament to the favourable conditions we enjoy at Trebah. Younger Magnolia specimens flower later, which is why our champion is now bare (also due in part to a spate of high winds!), but it is nice to enjoy this colour throughout the season. Looking at this young tree you may notice that the petals are much paler than our champion. There is no real reason for this, and it can be compared to how human skin tones differ.

If you're curious to see it for yourself, it can be found on Badger's Walk, next to the M. x soulangeana.

It will be fascinating to see this tree grow, year on year, as it matures and continues to provide us with a spectacle of colour every spring.

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