The Court Garden

A new space for Trebah

The Court Garden was officially open in May 2023, and is a delightful new accessible space for Trebah.

Situated between the car park and the visitor centre, you can't miss it as you start - or end - your visit to Trebah.

It is completely free to enter and enjoy as part of your visit to Trebah, with no ticket or pre-booking required.

Constructed on the site of a former tennis court, hence the choice of name, the project is the culmination of many years of planning. Sheltered by warm stone walling, and planted more formally than other areas, this is an accessible space for everyone to enjoy.

The Court Garden offers visitors a diverse range of plants and flowers, all chosen by Head Gardener Darren Dickey and the Trust’s Garden Committee, not only to encourage pollinators but also to engage with the senses.

It’s been planted by Trebah’s own Head Gardener Darren Dickey along with members of his team, with many of the plant having been grown on-site in Trebah's nursery, making it a truly Cornish garden!