Trebah Kitchen's Ethos

Our cafe reflects our values across Trebah and is focused on delivering a slice of our ethos straight to your table.

Minimal waste
We make deliciously simple food that is sensibly sized and cooked from scratch, ensuring everything on your plate ends up in your belly rather than the bin. There’s no room for unnecessary garnishes, we focus on bold flavours and perfectly pitched pairings.

Local first
We prefer our veg straight from the field “home-grown-not-flown”, organic where possible and always partnered with local producers. Our menus start in the field and are built on the relationships ours chefs have crafted in the local community.

Always seasonal
Why work against nature when the seasons choose what’s best for us and the planet. It also keeps our menus fresh and interesting.

Mindful meat and thought-through fishing
We use ethically reared local meat and day boat only freshly landed fish.

We annually choose a wine list to suit all seasons, hunting down the best grapes from biodynamic, natural and organic vineyards. Not always local, but usually European.

We are working hard to get Trebah off grid where possible. Our electric is from our own photo-voltaic cells on the roof of the visitor centre and our under-floor heating literally comes from beneath your feet. The ground source heat that keeps us toasty in the winter and provides water to wash our dishes is heated by twelve boreholes deep below the new walled garden site.

Reducing packaging
We strive to reduce packaging where we can by sensible product selection, local recycling and returning what we can to suppliers to be re-used. This ethos is reflected in our retail offer, where we are ethical first, champions of local and have targets to become plastic free within a minimum of five years.

No crazy chemicals
We like to use sustainable and environmentally sensible cleaning materials across the whole of Trebah and encourage natural eco-systems in the garden to self-manage pest control.

Our visitors
We encourage all of our visitors to love our place by keeping to paths and using bins; respect our beach and waters by being extra cautious with litter at the shores edge; and to make ethical choices wherever possible in their lives. We also work with local schools and youth groups to promote environmental awareness, supporting young people in sensible climate action to help ease climate anxiety.