Stumpery & Cascade

A delightful shady dell, full of ferns and ancient tree stumps, providing time-worn arboreal sculpture.

Found just off Petry's Path, towards the western edge of the garden, the Stumpery is a tranquil place full of atmosphere.

In 2007, the beautiful Cascade was created, the waters of which pour down over a natural rock face which was once part of a stone quarry; the stone having been extracted in the nineteenth century to build the walls around the garden.

Below the Cascade, the water falls into a pool surrounded by several species of unusual Australasian tree ferns.

A new Stumpery was created along Petry's Path. This area was cleared as one of Trebah’s 30th anniversary projects and has been planted with a selection of 30 tender trunked ferns and hardy ground ferns.