The Trebah Tree Hugging Trail

The Trebah Tree Hugging Trail

Available Saturday 11 February to Friday 31 March

Play the new Trebah Tree Hugging Trail Game. Find out how tree-mendous Trebah's trees are as you search the garden for game markers, playing against your friends and family to reach the highest branch! Each trail purchased supports the work of Plant One Cornwall and will directly help Cornish communities to plant more trees. Find out more about Plant One Cornwall at

To take part purchase a game board when you arrive at Trebah (no need to pre-book). The game board is designed around a Laureliopsis philippiana tree (one of our Champion Trees at Trebah) and includes 10 questions.

A map on the reverse of the game board will help you locate game markers hidden across the garden. As you approach a game marker participants will need to guess the answer to the question and mark it on their game board.

Each game marker shows the correct answer, an extra tree-mendous fact and a game instruction such as, "move up two spaces".

The game ends once you have guessed the answers to all 10 questions, located the hidden game markers and moved up (or not!) the game board.

The winner is the participant who travels the furthest up the Laureliopsis philippiana tree - will anyone reach the very top and become Trebah's ultimate tree-hugger?

Trail games cost £2.50 including a prize and a 50p donation to Plant One Cornwall.

Free trails (without prizes) are also available for families struggling with the cost of living crisis; ask for a Community Trail in the gift shop or email [email protected] for us to get a trail ready for you on arrival.

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