The Secret's Out...

The Secret's Out...

The Secret's Out...Trebah is starring in the remake of The Secret Garden.

Over multiple days in July 2018, Trebah played host to Studiocanal as they used various locations in the garden to film scenes for the remake of this iconic film. Trebah was the only location in Devon and Cornwall chosen for this film.

Based on the beloved 1911 novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and preceded by the 1993 movie, the story is already a cultural classic.

The main stars of this remake are Colin Firth and Dame Julie Waters - although they didn't make an appearance for the scenes shot at Trebah. The film is from the same production company that produced the Harry Potter and Paddington films.

Overall they filmed 4 separate scenes here: in the Gunnera, around the 2 ponds and in the tree fern dell below the Water Garden. Even in the short teaser trailer that has already been released (see link below), multiple areas of the garden can be recognised. On the filming days there were around 130 technicians and crew members in the garden, with a fleet of 10 articulated trucks making up the entourage.

The film will be released in cinemas in April 2020.

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