A Moment To Be Mindful

A Moment To Be Mindful is a series of short films bringing the sights and sounds of Trebah Garden into people day-to-day lives,encouraging them to take a short break to clear their minds and connect to the garden.

Trebah Beach

Take 2 minutes out of your day to hear the waves lap against the shore on Trebah's Beach, Polgwidden Cove.


The Bamboozle | A Moment To Be Mindful

Take 2 minutes to hear the leaves rustle, the birds sing and the stream trickle through the Bamboozle, found in the heart of the garden.


Koi Pool | Trebah Moments

The Koi Pool, situated at the top of the garden near Trebah House, is one of the most tranquil spaces in the garden. Lap up the perpetual trickle of water from the falls, see the wind and sun grace the ferns and palms, watch the fish glide through the clear pool and hear the garden birds sing their songs from the trees.