"This is my first time here, but it won't be my last" Sara, Plymouth

Water Garden

At the very centre of Trebah, is the recently re-designed Water Garden. It is built around a natural spring that flows downhill through a series of pools, over step cascades and criss-crossed by a meandering path surrounded with a lush planting scheme. 

In late spring, graceful drifts of Candelabra primula add colour and finesse alongside yellow-speared 'Skunk Cabbage' (Lysichiton americanus) and carpets of glossy green leaves from dozens of Arum Lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica), that produce dramatic flowers throughout summer, waiting for their moment to perform. Later on in the summer exotic Ginger lilies (Hedychiums) fill the air with breathtaking fragrances from their showy butterfly shaped blooms.

The redesigned Water Garden was opened in May 2010.


Water Garden Facts...

  • 60 tonnes of soil, aggregate and stone were barrowed in to create the new Water Garden
  • The stream had to be diverted and piped during construction
  • It took five months to construct
  • It was formally opened in May 2010