"I love their famous Trebah Flans, yummy!" P. Atkinson, Truro

Stumpery & Cascade

Just off Petry's Path towards the western edge of the garden lies the Stumpery; a delightful shady dell full of ferns with ancient tree stumps providing time-worn arboreal sculpture. It is a tranquil place full of atmosphere and made more so by the creation in 2007 of a beautiful cascade, the waters of which pour down over a natural rock face which was once part of a stone quarry; the stone having been extracted in the nineteenth century to build the walls around the garden. Below the Cascade, the water falls into a pool surrounded by several species of unusual Australasian tree ferns.

Australasian Tree Ferns, bring the jungle to Cornwall

Stumpery Facts

  • The Silver Tree Fern Cyathea dealbata (growing at the base of The Cascade) is the national emblem of New Zealand and one of the worldÙs most beautiful ferns
  • Look out for the Black Tree Fern Cyathea medullaris which has fronds up to 3m long
  • The Soft Tree Fern Dicksonia antarctica first came to Trebah around 1880. They were shipped to Falmouth as frondless logs from S.Australia