Hydrangea family

One plant synonymous with Trebah is the hydrangea. Planted in the 1950s, the cut blooms were sent to Covent Garden flower market to raise income for the garden. There are now over 2 acres of hydrangeas which mostly sit along the banks of Mallard Pond, reflected in its water.

There are many garden varieties of hydrangea derived from plants originally from Japan and China. The colour of the flower can change with the acidity of the soil - blue flowers indicate an acid soil, and pink flowers a neutral soil.

If you visit Trebah in mid to late summer, you will see a particularly impressive display of two acres of blue, white and pink hydrangeas and some are also sweetly scented.

Every March the Garden team at Trebah spends about 3 weeks pruning the heads of the hydrangeas, ready for the coming summer.