Pea family

Acacias are a genus of trees & shrubs the mainly originate in Australia, where they are known as wattles because early settlers used them for 'wattle & daub' housing.

Early spring at Trebah is considerably enhanced by their beautiful yellow flowers.

Acacia pravissima can be found growing en masse at the bottom of the top lawn. These were planted around 20 years ago and coppicing over the years may have prolonged their lifespan. The dense, yellow, spherical flower-heads are scented and contrast beautifully with the triangular grey-green leaves.

Acacia dealbata can be enjoyed from Radiata path, and it too hosts bright yellow flowers which grow in clusters.

Acacia baileyana 'Purpurea' is a fast-growing Acacia with fern-like leaves and, once again, fragrant yellow flower-heads. It can be enjoyed from Petry's Path, overlooking the Water Garden.