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February Garden News

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The great Hydrangea prune

February brings about the start of hydrangea pruning at Trebah. Taking about 6 weeks the garden team along with volunteer support will be working through the Hydrangea collection. Although it may seem early we have to work through the collection now as the new shoots that are already starting to break bud would be damaged if they were left until March.

The Acer Glade continues to take shape 

Following on from clearance work at the end of last year additional acers chosen for their decorative stems have been planted around the Chris-Cross. One of my particular favourites from the new selections would be Acer tegmentosum ‘White Tigress’ with its main trunk covered in a white bloom and its new red branch tips. 

Winter flowering wonders

Additional to the wonderful collection of new and exciting trees and shrubs that have been planted there have been many additional winter flowering bulbs/corms planted. In particular at this time of the year look out for Cyclamen coum with its vivid deep pink flowers and pretty patterned leaves and of course one of the most iconic winter flowering bulbs -Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) of which 70,000 have been planted in the garden over the last four years.

Bamboos at Trebah

With bamboos sometimes you have to take extreme measures to control them (No I don’t mean dynamite although sometimes I think that might be the quickest way). Those that have visited the garden recently may have noticed the large stand of Sasa palmata f. nebulosa between Dinky’s Pool and Azolla Pool that has been cut back down to the ground to allow it to rejuvenate. Due to the lax nature of the plant we will also be reducing the size of the clump so it is away from the path and later adding a few additional coloured stem bamboos to increase the diversity of the collection. 

Magnolia Campbellii - Chilean Coomb 

One of the best specimens is to be found in the Chilean Coomb, halfway down the western side of the garden. The giant Himalayan 'Pink Tulip Tree' is at least 25m tall with a spreading canopy of rose-pink goblet shaped blooms. This visual spectacle is a real treat for visitors and should be in flower in the next few weeks.