Trebah Through The Seasons

Trebah is open all year round, giving our visitors a unique opportunity to see the garden in all seasons. Watch the videos below to find out what will be in flower during your next visit - there is always something to see!

Spring | Trebah Through The Seasons

Our Cornish valley garden comes alive each spring. Everywhere you turn there is another pocket of colour or vista filled with plants and trees in bloom. Spring starts with the flowering of our champion Magnolia campbellii and the rest of the garden isn't far behind.


Summer | Trebah Through The Seasons

In Summer, Trebah is at its biggest and boldest. Walk under our giant Gunnera manicata, which reaches up to 5m tall and enjoy the pinks, purples and blues of our 2 acres of Hydrangeas. There's plenty of colour to be enjoyed through the summer months and our private beach, Polgwidden Cove, is the perfect addition after a long walk in the garden.


Autumn | Trebah Through The Seasons

Autumn is a very special time at Trebah. As the trees turn, new colours rush through the garden, with hues of red, orange and yellow around every corner! Be it the favourite native trees or trees from further afield, such as our collection of Japanese Maples (Acers), there is plenty of colour to be enjoyed. But there is so much more in the garden than just autumn colours at this time of year. There are plenty of plants which continue to flower through this season and on into winter.


Winter | Trebah Through The Seasons

Winter is a magical time of year at Trebah. Whilst a lot of plants settle down at this time of year, our southern hemisphere plants are just beginning to come alive! Camellias and rhododendrons are particular highlights at Trebah during colder months. They bring colour and scent to the garden and keep going well into spring. While your here, why not check out our 50 bamboo varieties or see if you can find all of our champion trees!