Darren's Diary

Started during lockdown as a way to keep our visitors and members in touch with the garden, Darren's Diary is Trebah's regular video log presented by our Head Gardener Darren Dickey.

Having worked at the Trebah for over 30 years no one knows the garden better, so join Darren as he gives a month by month guide to what's in flower and what's happening in the garden, along with some invaluable garden tips along the way.

Early Winter Flowers, Tropical Delights & The Water Garden | December 2021 | Darren's Diary

Join Head Gardener Darren as he shares his top plants currently flowering in the garden, some tropical wonders to be enjoyed throughout winter, plus an insight into the Water Garden after the herbaceous planting has died back. The autumn colour might be slowly disappearing, but there's still so much to see around the garden!


Autumn Colour & Spiky Exotics | October 2021 | Darren's Diary

Join Head Gardener Darren as he shares his top area for autumn colour in the garden, and looks at some of the spiky exotics to be found the garden!


Tropical Trebah | September 2021 | Darren's Diary

Join Head Gardener Darren for a look back at some of his favourite plants in flower in September, plus he spends some time in one of the most exotic parts of the garden!


Unusual Hydrangeas & The Hydrangea Valley | August 2021 | Darren's Diary

In August's edition of Darren's Diary, Head Gardener Darren Dickey shares his favourite unusual hydrangeas, his top plants of the month and the views up and down the Hydrangea Valley from Mallard Bridge.


Gunnera & New Borders At Mallard Pond | July 2021 | Darren's Diary

In July's edition of Darren's Diary, Head Gardener Darren Dickey shares the view from the Eirey - overlooking Hydrangea Valley and Trebah's private beach - as well as the recently planted alpine, succulent and mediterranean borders around Mallard Pond.


Unusual Plants & Wildlife In The Garden | June 2021 | Darren's Diary

In June's edition of Darren's Diary, Head Gardener Darren shares some of the more unusual plants found in the garden, as well as his favourites currently in bloom that make Trebah such a great place to visit in summer. He also has a look at the wildlife that uses the garden after it closes, filmed with hidden cameras.


May 2021 | Darren's Diary | Early Summer & Trebah's Champion Handkerchief Tree

With colourful spring growth running through the garden, May truly is a wonderful month at Trebah. Join Darren as he shares his top plants and areas of the garden this month. In addition to this, Darren talks about Trebah's champion Davidia involucrata tree, and why it has such an unusual shape...


April 2021 | Darren's Diary

Darren's back with another instalment of his diary! The garden's vibrant with spring colour, from native wildflowers to sub-tropical delights. Join Darren as he shares his top plants and top areas to visit in the garden.


Spring Colour, Climbers, Gunnera & Bamboo At Trebah | Darren's Diary, March 2021

Darren's back with another instalment of his monthly diary! The garden is bursting with spring colour from our rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias. Join Trebah's Head Gardener as he talks about his favourite species from the month, as well as an update on the gunnera, bamboos and climbers found in the garden.


Spring Is Coming! Darren's Diary | February 2021

Darren's back with another instalment of his diary! With the garden slowly coming alive with early spring colour, Darren delves into his top plants that are currently in flower, including Acacias, Camellias and of course our champion Magnolia campbellii.


Winter Garden Projects & Pruning Hydrangeas | January 2021 | Darren's Diary

In this episode, Trebah's Head Gardener Darren shares what's been happening in the garden during January. Although the garden has been closed during the lockdown, work has by no means stopped, with Darren and his garden team working hard on new projects to ensure the garden looks its best when we reopen. Darren also shares his featured plants of the month, as well as a short tutorial on how best to prune your hydrangeas.


December 2020 | Bamboo Special | Darren's Diary

In this episode, Trebah's Head Gardener Darren Dickey shares some of his highlights from the garden, and focuses on some of his favourite bamboos that can be found in the garden. He delves into the difference between leptomorph and pachymorph bamboos and which you should choose for your garden. There's always plenty to see in the garden and December is no exception - camellias are starting to flower, there are berries on many of the trees and the champion trees are dominating the garden.


October 2020 | Autumn Special | Darren's Diary

October is a month of beautiful change at Trebah Garden. A carpet of autumn colour covers the garden, from the Visitor Centre down to our private Beach. Areas of note are the Acer Plantation near Alice's Seat, the shelterbelt trees down the valley and the Liriodendron tulipifera opposite Trebah Kitchen.


Week 3, September 2020 | Darren's Diary

Explore the planting in and around the Chilean Coomb with Trebah's Head Gardener Darren. As summer comes to an end, there are still plenty of interesting plants and lots of colour to be found in the garden.


Week 1, September 2020 | Darren's Diary

There’s still plenty of colour to be found at Trebah, and in this week’s video Darren explores some of the highlights around Mallard Bridge and Stuart's Hill.


Week 3, August 2020 | Darren's Diary

As we reach late summer, the garden is still alive with rich colours and magnificent views. Join Head Gardener Darren as he delves into a few more species that have been blooming in the garden this August.


Week 2, August 2020 | Darren's Diary

There are a whole host of fascinating plants to be found flowering in the garden at the moment. Our Head Gardener Darren brings you another 5 of his favourites for you to look out for on your next visit to Trebah.


Week 1, August 2020 | Planting In The New Stumpery | Darren's Diary

Join Trebah’s Head Gardener Darren as he delves into the fascinating and delicate planting around the new stumpery which was planted to mark the 30th anniversary of Trebah Garden Trust. The new stumpery was recently featured in series 2 episode 2 of Channel 4’s ‘Devon and Cornwall’ documentary and showcases 30 ferns from around the world. Nestled between these ferns and the tree stumps are number of small plants that provide interest and colour to this rejuvenated area of the Trebah Garden.


Week 4, July 2020 | Hydrangea Special | Darren's Diary

Summer is a very colourful time Trebah! In the last week of July, Head Gardener Darren focuses on Hydrangeas, looking at some of the many subspecies that grow in the garden, the history of Hydrangeas at Trebah and why they thrive - and are so blue - in this Cornish valley garden.