Welcome to the Trebah Digital Trail


Dydh da and dynnargh to the very first Trebah Digital Trail!

Join me, Teresa Trebah to find out about Trebah’s Jurassic plants, Cornish mud, creepy crawlies and rollercoaster buzzards! Let’s explore the garden together.

So here’s what you need to know!

You’ve got 8 posts to find around the garden. When you find a post, open the camera on your phone and hover over the QR code on top of the post. Don’t take a photo just wait for the link to pop up on the top of your screen. Click this pop-up.

A webpage will open with a video for you to watch. Watch the video and scroll down to find the question! If you click on the correct answer you’ll be shown a letter from the alphabet and a map to find the next post. Make a note of the letter because once you’ve found all the posts you should be able to spell a word!

If you get stuck or have any problems head back to the Visitor Centre and ask the Welcome Team for help.

Chons da!

Map image? Info on first location?