TEMPEST Inspiration

Does the format of our marketing material look familiar? Does it feel like a blast from the past? We hope so!

Faces of our incredible cast are popping up all over Cornwall on bus stops, billboards, in local magazines and, if we are doing our job properly, on your phones as well.

So…what is behind the format of these very provocative and sometimes steamy images?

Trebah’s version of the Tempest has a tongue-in-cheek nod to the runways of the 1980s; a time of massive shoulder pads, huge egos and even bigger hair - all seen on the catwalks and runways of the era.

The epitome of 80’s fashion, runway looks and steamy super models was, and still remains, Vogue magazine.

Starting to see the nods to type faces and layouts of the times?

To create our looks we worked with renowned performance and fashion photographer Gordon Scammell to create these tight cropped full-throttle portraits inspired by Vogue magazine covers.

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One early morning in June the scene was set

Firmly grounded in 1984, with 80s tunes pumping, Gordon got to work.

I must say it was the most fun photo shoot we have ever had at Trebah and I can still hear Duran Duran’s ‘Girls On Film’ running through my mind whenever I reminisce.

Our super sexy supermodels were styled by Fiona Chivers with the assistance of several cans of hairspray. Fiona has designed costume and styled several shows for Trebah including most notably Operation Neptune and Neptunalia.

Talking of Neptune, have you spotted David Grieves on any of the bus stops? That is one manly moustache! We are very pleased that Fiona will be joining the Trebah production team again this year to costume Tempest.

Every actor had their own icon to influence them for the day, can you spot hints of Annie Lennox, Madonna, Kate Bush, Cindy Lauper???? There will also be some incredibly ‘Wham-tastic’ images hitting digital platforms soon featuring Mary Woodvine and Bisola Alabi.

Our lead image for the campaign is nick named ‘Screaming Sue’ in our office and features Sue Hill as Prospero. A personal favourite of mine is the edgy mud-smeared back-combed image of Bec Applebee and I also love Emily Faulkner being the Miranda we would all like Miranda to be!

Check out the already confirmed cast list below and have fun guessing their pop star personas.

This is just the first glimpse of this fantastic project and a real nod to the feel and flavour of the show. Director Guy Watson will talk about the journey our team have had getting to 1984 in our next blog.

However for now turn your 80’s tunes up to 10 and prepare for some Crazy Crazy Nights!!!!

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