Plan Your Journey

Audience Information

Free parking
Garden not open before departure time (20:00)

The departure gate will open 30 minutes before your departure time
Check-in from 19:30 (boarding passes issued)
Gate opens: 19:30
Gate closes: 19:55
Departure: 20:00
Journey length: approximately 70-90 minutes (no interval)

Location Trebah Garden, TR11 5JZ Once passengers have completed check-in, your journey will be on foot and will take place across the garden, stopping at multiple locations. No seating is permitted.

Weather Your journey will only be cancelled or delayed in extreme weather conditions where it would be unsafe to continue.

Age restrictions This journey is recommended for passengers aged 11 and over.

Additional information for your journey with us

  • Sensible shoes, warm weather attire, a coat and a torch are essential. No umbrellas.
  • Your journey will take place across Trebah’s 26 acre site - we have options in place for those with access needs. Please contact Trebah directly before making a booking on 01326 252205.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the departure lounge or during your journey.
  • Passenger photography and filming are not permitted but please be aware professional photographers and film crew may be in attendance. As the ticket booker it is your responsibility to ensure all members of your group are aware they may be photographed and filmed.
  • There is currently no pre-departure or in-journey meals available. Light refreshments will be available adjacent to the departure lounge before your departure.

If you have any further queries please contact Trebah directly on 01326 252205.