Cultural Ambition

Trebah’s cultural ambition for the next 5 years

Trebah will become an organisation nationally recognised for developing exceptional-quality, inspirational cultural work by “the education of the public on matters connected with the arts and sciences of garden land.”

Trebah has played host to many leading cultural organisations, supporting the development of work and becoming a testbed for a wide range of projects. As our ambition grows Trebah has the opportunity to become a powerhouse of inspiration, creativity and growth; not a testbed, but a launchpad.

Through carefully chosen and organically nurtured partnerships we will become a garden space with a national reputation for developing our community alongside artists and horticultural scientists; for inspiring and growing inquisitive, future-thinking and impassioned people.

In order for Trebah to achieve these ambitions our work must: be of exceptional quality; continually grow our audience; embrace all forms of cultural work; acknowledge the positive influence nature can have on health and wellbeing; celebrate diversity and; create work and opportunities that are symbiotic with the garden, recognising its innate qualities and spiritual uniqueness.