Gun Shots In The Garden!

Gun Shots In The Garden!

This week visitors were treated to some extra entertainment in the garden when the film company World Media Rights visited to shoot some scenes for Black Ops.

Gun shots could be heard in the undergrowth and Malayan soldiers spotted around the Bamboozle.

The programme looks at the SAS's involvement in the Malayan Emergency in the 1950's. The Emergency is seen as the birth of the modern SAS as a lot of the techniques and tactics that are used today originated from lessons learned in Malaya.

The programme looks at the wider context of the emergency before moving onto the formation of the SAS (or Malayan Scouts as they were originally known), their learning to operate unseen and unheard in the jungle and then focusing on a specific raid in 1958 to capture or kill a group of die hard Communist Terrorists in the swamps of Telok Anson.

The Malaya programme is part of a larger series due to air next year on UKTV Yesterday and the Discovery Military channel called 'Black Ops'. The programmes focus on incidents and actions undertaken by Special Forces units around the world. The programme mixes interviews, archive footage and drama reconstruction to tell the story.

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