What is SCRAWW?

What is SCRAWW?

The story of SCRAWW is based on a 12th century Persian poem called 'The Conference of the Birds'.

The story is about the birds of the world deciding on their new leader. The hoopoe, the wisest of all the birds, suggests that the birds of the world should find the legendary Simorgh bird. The hoopoe leads the birds, each of which represents a human fault.

That sounds amazing! Tell me more!

Every audience member will be given "silent disco" style headphones (wireless) when they arrive. They are then led through the garden listening to music written especially for the performance by award-winning composer Max Pappenheim before they finally arrive on the beach.

Through the journey the audience will experience performance, storytelling, song as well as a 360 degree soundscape – for example you might "hear" a giant flock of birds fly overhead.

All sound elements (live and pre-recorded) will be played to the audience through their headphones making the entire experience fully immersive.

The performance also includes a spectacular set/installation/sculpture design across the garden by Anna Driftmier that includes optical illusions, smoke and mirrors.

SCRAWW is an epic tale suitable for adults and adventurous children aged 6+

More information can be found on our website http://www.trebah-garden.co.uk/scraww or on-site visitors can talk to the Entrance Desk

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All ticket are booked through Hall for Cornwall by either going on their website or calling Hall for Cornwall on 01872 262 466.

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