Access To The Visitor Centre

Our Visitor Centre is designed to provide easy access for all of our visitors.

The main entrance door opens automatically to 2m (6 feet) and the low counter at the Entrance Desk is are 76cm (30 inch) high.

The access door to the Garden is 1m (3 feet) wide and wider access is available.

Level Access

The floor in the Visitor Centre is concrete and level throughout

Level access to trebah visitor centre


Benches can be found in the Visitor Centre and seating is also available in the Cafe

Benches in the visitor centre at trebah

Counters At The Entrance

Low counters are provided at the Entrance Desk and in the Shops

Low counters at trebah entrance


Push wheelchairs are welcome in the Visitor Centre, Cafe and Shops. Please ask a member of our Entrance Team if you would like to loan Trebah's push wheelchair whilst in the Visitor Centre.

Wheelchair at trebah visitor centre

Large Print Literature

We offer large print literature and will happily supply magnifying sheets

Large Print Literature

Interpretation and Displays

Interpretation in the Visitor Centre is mostly in large print and none of the permanent displays contain flashing lights or images. We do however have occasional exhibitions and Christmas decorations that do contain these.

Interpretation displays at trebah


Doors throughout are of a medium weight and staff are always happy to assist if necessary.

Doors at trebah

Hearing Loop

There is a portable hearing loop available at the Entrance Desk

Hearing Loop at trebah

Background Music

Background music is only played during the Christmas period and sometimes during special events or on arrival when a performance is taking place.

Speakers in trebah cafe