"I think its a magical garden, I love it" Alice, aged 9

Looking good in the garden October 2014 

As you leave the Visitor Centre look to the left of the Gunnera Fountain at the Clerodendrum bungei – an unusual Chinese native with clusters of rose-red scented flowers.  It is classified as a sub-shrub (dies back above ground level in cold winters) and is in the same family as Mint.

At the beginning of Camellia Walk (B05)* visitors will notice a strong smell of candyfloss – this is Cercidyphyllum japonicum ‘Pendulum’, a small weeping tree from Japan that produces this scent as the leaves change colour in the autumn.

Around the Chris Cross (E10 & E11)* Ageratina ligustrinum, the highly scented Incense Bush is filling the air with its perfume.

On the rockery above the Main Lawn (E04)* one of the most striking of the Red Hot Pokers – Kniphofia caulescens from high altitude mountain slopes in S Africa, not only has vivid yellow and coral red torch-like flowerheads but has gorgeous pointed blue-green foliage!

In the Water Garden (H05)* the highly scented Ginger Lilies, Hedychium ‘Devon Cream’ are flowering late this year due to the dry summer. 

The massed planting of Hydrangeas around Mallard Pond will continue to look colourful long into the autumn.  The different shades of blue fade into a spectrum of violet, grey and even turquoise.

(* denotes guidebook map grid ref.)