"I love their famous Trebah Flans, yummy!" P. Atkinson, Truro

Looking good in the Garden August 2015


 As you come down the path from the Visitors Centre there is a large stand of shrubby Verbena, Clerodendrum bungei.  The leaves are heart-shaped and the large wine-coloured flowers are fragrant. 

The highly scented Incense Bush (Eupatorium ligustrinum) is flowering on the Chris Cross.  This evergreen shrub from Mexico has aromatic leaves and scented large, flat heads of small white flowers in late summer and autumn.

Around Dinky’s Puddle the Hedychiumsor Ginger Lilies are flowering. These plants are native to lightly wooded habitats in Asia and are members of the large ginger family; they are, however, not used for flavouring food.

The two acres of Hydrangeasat the bottom of the garden take centre stage at this time of year.  They were planted at the beginning of the 1950’s and are hand-pruned in early spring to produce the abundant flower heads.  There are mostly vivid blue due to our acidic soil and look fabulous this time of year.