"I think its a magical garden, I love it" Alice, aged 9

Looking good in the Garden September 2016

Chilean Myrtle (Luma apiculata) is to be found growing in many areas of the garden.  It can be easily distinguished by its smooth cinnamon-coloured bark and pretty, small white flowers.

As you walk into the garden, to the left of the Gunnera Fountain, Clerodendrum bungei (CO4)* has heart-shaped leaves and claret coloured flowers.  Another member of the same family Clerodendrum trichotomum var. fargesii (B05)* at the beginning of Camellia Walk and also on the banks at the bottom of Beach Path (E21)* - this lovely large shrub/small tree from W China has beautiful clusters of white tubular flowers with an amazing perfume.

Around the Chris Cross (E11)* the highly scented Ageratina ligustrinum (Incense Bush) is filling the air with its perfume.

Gevuina avellana (Chillean Hazelnut) (G16)* an unusual member of the Protea family from S America is in flower this month - our specimen is the largest in England.

The massed display ofHydrangeas around Mallard Pond is very colourful and will continue flowering long into the Autumn. There are also plantings of H. paniculata  on Petry's Path (I11)* with wonderful cultivars such as 'Vanille Fraise' (the large flowering panicles turn from vanilla to strawberry colour as they age), 'Phantom' and 'Limelight'.

On the Azalea Bank (E19)* Clethra arborea (Lily-of-the-Valley Tree) a native of Madeira has lustrous deep green leaves, providing the perfect backdrop for fragrant late summer blossoms, very similar to those from which it gets its common name.  Close by on the bank the lovely fast-growing evergreen tree from NZ, Hoheria sexstylosa  has starry white flowers.


(* denotes grid square reference on map)