"Excitement around every corner
- a true gardeners delight"
C.Sanders, Hampshire

Looking good in the Garden
 March 2017


This month, above all others, sees Trebah at its most magnificent. The giant Rhododendron arboreum (Tree Rhodos) from the Himalayas have been growing in the garden for well over a hundred and are coming into full bloom.  Look out for R.arboreum ‘Blood Red’ (F08)* on Radiata Path, whose name amply describes its vivid flower colour and R.macabeanum (H17)* with enormous trusses of creamy yellow flowers. UK Champion R.protistum (F13)* on Beach Path, one of the first to flower each year, was planted in the 1950’s and took over 20 years before it started producing his huge bright pink flowers.

At the top of the Chilean Coomb our champion Magnolia campbellii  (tallest in the UK) is in full flower and below on the banks there is a profusion of daffodils and narcissi.  On Badger’s Walk Magnolia kobus (H11)* a Japanese native has lightly fragranced white flowers, with narrow petals. Following on, slightly later in the month, Magnolia x soulangeana (H13)* and M.campbellii ssp. mollicomata (H09)*.

Trebah’s collection of Camelliascan be found along Camellia Walk, Badger’s Walk and Petry’s Path with flowers ranging from white through to deep red.  Many are named and we have a total of over 70 different varieties.

On the Main Lawn the large stand of Acacia pravissima from Australia is covered in small yellow flowers; on Beach Path you will see A. dealbata (G08)* the popular florists’ Mimosa and at the very beginning of Petry’s Path, look for Acacia melanoxylon (H05)* with pale creamy flowers.

(* denotes grid ref. on garden map).