"I think its a magical garden, I love it" Alice, aged 9

Looking good in the Garden February 2016


At the top of the Chilean Coomb the giant Himalayan Magnolia campbellii is covered with a spreading canopy of beautiful rose-pink goblet-shaped blooms.  It is probably about a month early to flower because of the mild weather.

 A walk to Alice’s Seat will be rewarded by the delicate sweet fragrance from the massed planting of Sarcococca confusa. Also known as Christmas Box (although it usually flowers after Christmas, and is particularly late this year), this attractive plant originates from China, and provides not only good dense groundcover in shade, and the scent from its small white flowers literally pervades the air.

 The Snowdrops are looking pretty on the banks below Badger’s Walk, Petry’s Path and under huge Beech tree just below Tarzans Camp.  On Fox Path and Radiata Path there are swathes of Cyclamen coum with deep pink flowers, which will persist into March.

 Trebah’s collection of over 500 Camellias are starting to flower.  They can be found on Camellia Walk, Petry’s Path and Badger’s Walk.  Look for C. ‘Macdonald’s Seedling a rich red variety with pronounced gold stamens by Fort Stuart and C. japonica ‘White Swan’ a pretty single white variety near the Koi Pool.

 On the eastern side of Mallard Pond, the Evergreen Azaleas are coming into flower and growing amongst them is Magnolia doltsopa ‘Silver Cloud’ (formerly Michelia), literally covered with bronzy brown furry buds and large white flowers with a tropical fruity perfume.