"I think its a magical garden, I love it" Alice, aged 9

Looking good in the Garden
January 2018


The Camellias are starting to show off their magnificent blooms set against deep green glossy foliage.  Known as the Queen of the Winter Flowers, they have been cultivated in the Far East for over 2000 years but only introduced into Europe for the very wealthy at the end of the 18th century.  First (as usual) of the main season Camellias is C.japonica ‘Nobilissima’ (H08)* a pure white, double flower. It can viewed from Beach Path or from Stuarts Hill by the two tall Trachycarpus.  C. japonica ‘Juno’ (C04)* is festooned with blooms to the right of the Gunnera Fountain.

At the junction of Camellia Walk and Vivians Way there is a wonderful sweetness in the air from the Sarcococca confusa (C07).  Also known as Christmas Box this small evergreen from Asia is also planted en masse by Alice’s Seat (D12)*

Other plants to look out for are Tibouchina urvilleana (E14)* on Radiata Path.  Its exotic purple flowers are not easily missed! Also on Radiata, the Hellebores (F09)* (Christmas Rose) are just starting to bloom.

As the month progresses the Acacias will start to flower and many more Camellias will follow suite.