"I love their famous Trebah Flans, yummy!" P. Atkinson, Truro

Looking good in the Garden

February 2019


Trebah’s collection of over 500 Camellias is coming into its main flowering period.  The Camellias can be found on Camellia Walk, Petry’s Path and Badger’s Walk.  Camellias were not introduced to Europe until the 18th century but are now a mainstay of classic Cornish gardens.  The flowers range from pure white and pale pink to cerise and crimson, some flecked or bicoloured, single or double.

 A walk to Alice’s Seat (D12)* will be rewarded by the delicate sweet fragrance from the massed planting of Sarcococca confusa AGM**  This attractive and easily grown plant originates from China, thrives in shade and provides dense evergreen groundcover.  The scent from its small white flowers literally pervades the air.

 At the top of the Chilean Coomb, the giant Magnolia campbellii (J15)* from sheltered valleys in the Himalayas is covered with a spreading canopy of blooms. Joseph Hooker described these magnolias as ‘the noblest species of the genus in every respect’ and the decades that elapse before they reach flowering age are rewarded by  rose-pink flowers up to 25cm in diameter. 

 The Snowdrops are looking pretty on the banks below Badger’s Walk, Petry’s Path and under the huge Beech tree just below Tarzans Camp (E06)*

 On the eastern side of Mallard Pond the Evergreen Azaleas are coming into flower and growing amongst them is Magnolia doltsopa ‘Silver Cloud’ (E19)* (formerlyMichelia), literally covered with bronzy brown furry buds and large white flowers with a tropical fragrance.


* Denotes visitor map grid ref.

** RHS Award of Garden Merit