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Looking good in the Garden
 April 2017


This month, above all others, sees Trebah at its most magnificent.  The giant Rhododendron arboreum (Tree Rhodos) from the Himalayas have been growing in the garden for well over a hundred and are coming into full bloom.  Look out for R.arboreum ‘Blood Red’ (F08)* on Radiata Path, whose name amply describes its vivid flower colour and R.macabeanum (H17)* with enormous trusses of creamy yellow flowers. UK Champion R.protistum (F13)* on Beach Path, one of the first to flower each year, was planted in the 1950’s and took over 20 years before it started producing his huge bright pink flowers.

The Magnolias play a significant role in the glory of the garden in springtime.  Along Badger’s Walk you will find a huge specimen of Magnolia x soulangeana in full bloom (it is one of the best and most popular Magnolias for general planting) and also Magnolia kobus which is one of the hardiest of the Magnolias and grows in the wild in Japan.  Look out for Magnolia‘Genie’ a small tree on the bed above the amphitheatre with exquisite dark burgundy tulip shaped flowers.  We have numerous Magnolia campbellii ssp. mollicomata dotted around the garden, planted over 20 years ago and now flowering beautifully.

Take a stroll along Camellia Walk to see the Camellias!  Their beautiful blooms flower from November to May and range from deep richest red (C. ‘MacDonald’s Seedling) (B06)* through to white (C.’White Swan’).  Look out for C.japonica ’Guilio Nuccio’ (B06 & I10)* one of the finest japonica cultivars ever bred.

The Gunnera manicata, also known as Giant Rhubarb is now growing rapidly and by late June the prickly stems will have grown up to approx. 3m tall and the leaves up to 2.5m across.

(* denotes grid ref. on garden map).