"I love their famous Trebah Flans, yummy!" P. Atkinson, Truro

Looking good in the Garden
 February 2017


A walk to Alice's Seat will be rewarded by the delicate sweet fragrance from the massed planting of Sarcococca confusa (D12)*.  Also known as Christmas Box (although it usually flowers after Christmas), this attractive plant originates from China and provides good dense evergreen ground cover in shade and the scent from its small white flowers literally pervades the air. 

Trebah's collection of over 500 Camellias are starting to flower.  They can be found on Camellia Walk, Petry's Path and Badger's Walk.  Look for C. 'Macdonald's Seedling' (B06)* a rich red variety with pronounced gold stamens and C. japonica 'White Swan' (H03)* a pretty single white variety near the Koi Pool.

On Radiata Path Hamamelis mollis (Witch Hazel) (F09)* is one of the stars of the dark months with its spidery ribbon-like yellow flowers and spicy fragrance.  On the bank opposite look for the winter-flowering Helleborus.

At the top of the Chilean Coomb (J15)* our UK champion Magnolia campbellii, (the giant Himalayan 'Pink Tulip Tree') is covered with large felty buds that are opening to form a spreading canopy of beautiful rose-pink goblet-shaped blooms.

The Snowdrops are flowering throughout the garden as are the swathes of Cyclamen coum under the trees on Fox and Radiata Path.  Over the next few weeks the Narcissi will open up in their hundreds in the Chilean Coomb.

(* denotes Grid Square reference on map)