"Excitement around every corner
- a true gardeners delight"
C.Sanders, Hampshire

Looking good in the Garden October 2016


On the beds outside the café some of the southern hemisphere plants are entering their flowering period, of note are: Grevillea victoriae (silver foliage & apricot coloured flowers) and Grevillea rosmarinifolia (rosemary-like foliage and deep pink flower buds)

As you leave the Visitor Centre look to the left of the Gunnera Fountain at the Clerodendrum bungei – an unusual Chinese native with clusters of flat-topped rose-red scented flowers.  It is classified as a sub-shrub (dies back above ground level in cold winters). Close by, at the beginning of Camellia Walk (B05)* and also at the top of Lawn Path (D05)* Clerodendrum trichotomum var. fargesii is covered with extraordinary berries just starting to turn vivid turquoise with maroon leaf calyxes.

Around the Chris Cross, Ageratina ligustrinum, (E10)* the highly fragrant Incense Bush is filling the air with its perfume.  There are many Japanese Maples in this area which display a wonderful spectrum of yellows, reds and oranges as the season progresses.

On the rockery above the Main Lawn one of the most striking of the Red Hot Pokers – Kniphofia caulescens from high altitude mountain slopes in S Africa, not only has vivid yellow and coral red torch-like flowerheads but has attractive blue-green foliage.

The Ginger Lilies Hedychium ‘Devon Cream’ are flowering in the Water Garden (H04)* and further down the garden by Azolla Pool (F15)*

The massed planting of Hydrangeas around Mallard Pond will continue to look colourful long into the autumn.  The different shades of blue fade into a spectrum of violet, grey and even turquoise as the nights become cooler.  Look also for the wonderful Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanille Fraise’ (Strawberry Vanilla) on Petrys Path (I11)*.  These have only been in the garden a couple of years and are already burgeoning with huge flowers – the elegant cone-shaped flowers start off white and turn pink as they age.