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U.G.L.Y. does it have an alabi?

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I mostly write extolling the beauty of plant perfection at
Trebah but today I’m going to write about plant imperfection.  A couple of weeks ago, this little chap (see
pic of the week) had been placed on my desk and closer inspection revealed very
strange distorted camellia leaves.

The cause is a fungus – Camellia leaf gall - the spores are
spread by the wind or by rain splashing onto the bark or buds.  The fungus overwinters as spores within bark
crevices and bud scales.  The leaf gall
fungus causes some of the leaf cells to grow much larger and divide more than
normal: resulting in the infected leaves looking like large succulent fleshy

This disease does not require chemical treatment or rarely
does permanent damage to the plant but it is recommended to pick off the galls
before they turn grey (the stage when new spores are produced).  Do not put the galls on the compost

Nicky Wharton