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Relaxed Performance

Dr Dolittle by Illyria on Friday 31 August at 6.30pm

We are working alongside the Cornwall branch of the National Autism Society to create a "Relaxed Performance" for Illyria's production of Dr Dolittle on Friday 31 August at 6.30pm.

What is a relaxed performance?
Relaxed performances are for adults and children who might benefit from a more relaxed environment, or are uncomfortable with sudden lighting changes or loud noises, including those with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, sensory or communication needs or a learning disability. These performances are, of course, open to everyone. 

Questions we asked our visiting company, Illyria?

  1. Are there any strobe lights or sudden flashing lights that can be reduced?
    No strobe lighting just our regular lighting which is soft and unobtrusive. We use a chasing festoon light around the set for the final number but this will be turned off for the relaxed performance.
  2. Can the overall "volume" of the performance be reduced (performers must still be audible)? Are there any unexpected loud noises during the performance?
    We are able to reduce our volume for the performance to feel "softer". We use amplified sound but this will be reduced in volume for this performance. There are no sudden loud bangs or noises in this show.
  3. Are there any strong smells as part of the performance, or other sensory experiences that might cause anxiety in some?

Things to be aware of for your visit to Trebah's first relaxed performance

  1. Trebah has created a "quiet space" away from the performance area
  2. Audience members are able to leave and come back at anytime during the performance
  3. We have two mobility scooters which can be booked in advance by calling 01326 252200. Find out more about our access by clicking here.
  4. Trebah Amphitheatre is an open-air theatre and we are used to the Cornish weather - performances will only be cancelled in extreme weather conditions so please bring a coat but not an umbrella as they block other audience members view.
  5. Allow 20 minutes before the performance starts to walk to the amphitheatre which is situated in the heart of Trebah Garden.
  6. Our only toilets are within the Visitor Centre at the top of the garden. We suggest a visit before heading to the performance!
  7. Please wear sensible shoes and be aware that although paths are lit it is advisable to bring a torch with you.
  8. With tiered seating and plenty of leg room everyone gets “the best seat in the house” so there’s no need to bring your own chairs.
  9. A number of cushioned seats with back supports are available to hire at the amphitheatre.
  10. Picnics are welcome and light refreshments will be available. Hot meals are also available to book with your tickets for most performances.
  11. Groups, please arrive at the amphitheatre in plenty of time for us to find you seats together.
  12. We have plenty of free parking available.
  13. Trebah loves dogs but unfortunately they are unable to attend performances.
  14. All attendees must purchase a ticket.
Image of Trebah Amphitheatre empty

Image of Trebah Amphitheatre hosting a busy performance

Images of cast members

Images of performance (in order)

Video showing the walk from the car park to the amphitheatre
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To book tickets for the Relaxed Performance of Dr Dolittle on Friday 31 August at 6.30pm please click here.