"Wonderful garden and thank you for being so dog-friendly!" A. Taylor

Trebah Amphitheatre is...

A unique performance space set against the stunning backdrop of an award-winning sub-tropical Cornish garden. A cultural centre hosting and producing a vivid mix of theatre, music, stand-up comedy, puppetry and dance both on our stage and across Trebah Garden.


Our Box Officer provider is The Minack. If you have any problems booking tickets please contact them on 01736 810181 (10am-4pm Mon-Fri).


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Knightor & Tarquins Present: Funk & Fizz Night!

Saturday 11th May 19:30

Following the success of our 2018 Gin & Jazz Night, Knightor and Tarquins sponsor, "Funk & Fizz Night!" An evening that kicks off with relaxed soul mixed live on vinyl by laidback DJs in the visitor centre and cafe terrace garden. Complimented by sparkling wine and gin bars there will be cocktail demonstrations followed by headline act, BBC Radio 2 favourite, Smoove & Turrell performing live in the amphitheatre.

 "Carrying the torch for modern British soul music"
Trevor Nelson BBC Radio 2 on Smoove & Turrell

Championed by Radio 2s Craig Charles and Chris Evans and BBC6 Music's Giles Peterson with incredible performances at Glastonbury and Bestival.


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Oh No It Isn't

Thursday 16th May 19:30

by LKT Productions

Join us on the private terrace outside Trebah House. All tickets include a free glass of bubbles on arrival!

They're the best of sisters onstage but the worst of friends off it.
It's the final performance of Cinderella in a moth eaten regional theatre and backstage tensions threaten to boil over on stage.
Will the egotism, oneupmanship and sexual politics remain confined to the dressing room?
Will the ugly sisters keep the professional professional and the personal personal?
Will we ever find out what happened during Babes In The Wood?

Based on a lifetime of experience onstage and backstage Oh No It Isn't! is a hilariously funny and beautifully moving new play exploring the highs and lows of life in the theatre.

Written by and starring Great British Pantomime Award nominee Luke Adamson and using real anecdotes and stories it is an impassioned yet tender love letter to the world of performance.

"An excellent production" ***** London Theatre 1
"Art imitating life - even in panto!" **** London Pub Theatres 


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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Thursday 30th May 18:30

by Illyria

Young Ali Baba stumbles across an enchanted cave when he overhears the magic words that open it: "Open Sesame!".

Inside the cave he finds untold amounts of gold and jewels, and takes some of it home to show his wife.

But what will he do when she chides him for stealing? Can he keep the secret from his jealous brother? And when the Robber King comes looking for the missing treasure supported by an army of 40 angry thieves - will he and his family survive?


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Operation Neptune

Tuesday 11th June 19:00

Wednesday 12 June 19:00
Thursday 13 June 19:00
Friday 14 June 19:00
Saturday 15 June 19:00

Chewing gum, doughnuts, new nylons and thousands of smooth-talking, quick-witted soldiers. Cornwall will never forget the day the Yanks arrived!

From the warm plains of Maryland, USA to the cold coastal villages of Cornwall follow handsome and hopeful US 29th Infantry Division Technical Sgt Joe Miller on his poignant journey to the Nazi-occupied beaches of Normandy, France.

Based on remarkable real wartime experiences as well as stories recalled by the residents of Mawnan Smith, Operation Neptune celebrates the 75th anniversary of DDay with the compelling story of an American GI's experience of Cornwall at war.


Directed by Guy Watson, Cornish Director and Artistic Director of Cousin Jack's, the company who produce the much loved stage-adaptation of The Mousehole Cat. Written by award-winning script writer Charlotte O'Leary, Operation Neptune will star many familiar local faces: Bec Applebee (Kneehigh, Bec Applebee Productions' Darke Women), Rory Wilton (BBC Poldark, Fisherman's Friends feature film), Will Coleman (Golden Tree Productions' Man Engine), Emily Woodman (O-region's Hireth, Rogue Theatre). Trebah will also be introducing acclaimed actor Oliver Longstaff to the county, playing the part of our handsome American hero. The cast will also feature a local community choir, Mawnan WI, and a supporting cast drawn from Hall for Cornwall Youth Theatre and Youth Dance.


Part of Operation Overlord: A programme of events commemorating the 75th anniversary of Trebah's involvement in DDay


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A Perfect World

Wednesday 19th June 19:30

& Thursday 20th June 19:30

by Miracle Theatre

A feisty young woman ventures into a Boy's Own world of undiscovered jungles, treasure maps, campfires and penknives on an action packed adventure. Leading her team of quarrelsome explorers she stumbles into a bountiful paradise, whose inhabitants seem entirely peaceful, productive and fulfilled. Is this tranquil place the best of all possible worlds? Or is it all too good to be true? A rollicking music filled adventure touring the great outdoors this summer!

Written & Directed by Bill Scott with original music by Tom Adams


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Mark Watson: The Infinite Show

Saturday 22nd June 19:30

Mark is back at Trebah following his sold-out gig in 2017!


Cluster-bombed with yoghurt on 'Taskmaster', half-killed on 'Bear Grylls' Celebrity Island', Watson returns to what he's best at: being a stand-up.

Inspired by the mostly alarming state of the world his children are growing up in, and a genuine, urgent desire to do something about it, this show is about empathy.


99 percent of the world's population is made up of other people: why can't we understand them?


As scrawny and impassioned as ever, one of the UK's most beloved and thinnest acts offers some suggestions, with his usual notoriously high joke-and-rant-per-minute rate.




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St Stythians Band

Saturday 29th June 13:00

The fantastic St Stythians Band visits Trebah to play from 1pm-3pm.

Performance included in cost of garden entry ticket.

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Sunday 30th June 19:30

Our living, breathing staircase. The stories trodden into our stairs tell tales of mischief, uncertainty and adventure. Inspired by original and iconic literature on the theme of stairs, featuring writing and music from award winning poets such as Luke Wright and iconic literature such as A.A.Milne’s ‘Halfway Down’ will also be used to inspire the work. Cheap Date are a comedy, dance/theatre company, who rummage through the intricate simplicity of just being here. Stairs is an unique magical performance, one for all the family to remember.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Wednesday 3rd July 19:30

by Quantum Theatre

"If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended...
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear..."

Quantum Theatre presents a brand new production of Shakespeare's most enduringly popular play of love and intrigue, magic and celebration set on that most dangerous of nights when fairies are abroad and nothing is as it seems... With a quarrel raging between Oberon, King of the fairies and his Queen, Titania four young lovers become entangled in their magical affray and soon no mortals are safe in those bewitched and bewitching woods outside Athens.

Quantum Theatre's stylish and whimsical production presents a flight of magical fancy where real life is unexpectedly entangled with the supernatural, where willow-the-wisp fairies, unsuspecting artisans and ardent young lovers are woven together by the finest gossamer thread: "I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was..."


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Naming The View

Saturday 13th July 19:30

by Finding the Will

Shakespeare's comedy 'The Taming Of The Shrew' concludes with a speech by the once feisty Katherine declaring unreserved obedience to her newly married husband. Her character has certainly changed, but is it because of their mutual love and understanding or the bullish controlling ways of her husband? Naming the View is a modern day re-imagining of Katherine after thirty years of marriage.

This performance takes place on the private terrace outside Trebah House. All tickets also include a free glass of bubbles on arrival!

"It is never too late to explore new horizons."

"A story of rekindled friendship and healing. Touching and funny, riven with humour and hope" **** Stage Talk Magazine


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Shearing Gang

Wednesday 24th July 19:30

Thursday 25 July 19:30

by Dogwood Productions

A stunning new play from Graham Harvey, writer of more than 600 episodes of BBC Radio's "The Archers", rich in original songs and music. 

Bodmin Moor. Two eras. Redemption. Maybe. The story of young people from a rural community in crisis.

Each summer a group of young people gather to work, travel and share life together. Always on the road, The Shearing Gang, brings together a disparate group, some brought up on the land, others escaping the city, but all in some way dispossessed. Their journey takes them to Bodmin Moor, passing close to a mystical site, Hurler's Stones, in search of a better life.

The young, unmarried women are made to leave their homes and community to tend the livestock on the summer pastures of Bodmin Moor, camping in the shadow of stone circles.

Creating footsteps where others will follow....


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The Legend of King Arthur

Saturday 27th July 19:30

by Boxtree Productions

Arthur is fed up! He is tired of his knuckles being rapped by his teacher, being ignored by his parents and bullied by his brother Kay. However, little does he know that there is prophecy of a hero, destined to pull the sword from the stone and unite Britain, it couldn't possibly be little Arthur could it? With Merlin and his knights by his side, will Arthur be able to reunite Britain and thwart the evil plans of Morgan Le Fay?

Boxtree Productions invite families to pack up a picnic and join us in the open air to enjoy this classic tale of Arthur, a sword and the Knights of the round table. With inventive staging, original songs and magical storytelling we will give the whole family an experience you will be talking about for years to come!


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Sunnyside Up

Tuesday 30th July

11:00, 13:00 & 15:00

"One of the easiest to grasp instruments, the Ukulele is happiness with four strings."

Tim and Harry of Sunnyside Up offer a free session of fun and stimulation, consisting of a free performance followed by a free laid back, fully interactive workshop, where participants learn to play this wonderful instrument and become the music.

Phone 01326 252200 to reserve your free ticket.


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Saturday 3rd August

13:00 & 15:00

by Squashbox

Legend has it there are five types of faery in Cornwall: the Small Folk, the Piskies, the Knockers, the Brownies and - most mischievous of all - the Spriggans. Come on a journey through the countryside as we search for these elusive creatures, while at the same time learning all about the bees, bats, birds and butterflies who live alongside them. 

Meet Skillywidden, the mischievous Pisky, and all of his faery friends! Watch the dance of the 'beautiful' Faery Queen! Marvel at the incredible Book Of Nature as it literally comes alive before your eyes! Gasp at the antics of Brian, the amazing mind-reading pig! 

Skillywidden is a celebration of the wildlife and faery myths of Cornwall, using Squashbox Theatre's distinctive mix of puppets, songs, storytelling and cabaret, with a strong environmental message. More crazy characters, more silly slapstick, more tall tales and more fantastic facts!  

Performance included in cost of garden entry.

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The Wind In The Willows

Thursday 8th August 19:30

Friday 9 August 19:30

by Helston Theatre Company

Kenneth Grahame's wild tale about the thrill-seeking, lovable menace Mr Toad comes to life this summer!

Ratty, Badger and Mole join the eccentric Toad and embark on a series of adventures (and misad-ventures!) caused by his need for speed.
Imprisoned for theft and with his existence under threat from the inhabitants of the Wild Wood, Toad must attempt a daring escape to defend Toad Hall.

The Wind in the Willows is a heart-warming play about the joy of friendship and the beauty of nature. Join the award-winning Helston Theatre Company as they bring this much loved classic to the stage following last year's 'Jamaica Inn'.

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Tales from the Trees

Saturday 17th August

13:00 & 15:00

by Squashbox

Let Squashbox Theatre be your guide to the tremendous world of trees, from branch to leaf and twig to root, from berry to blossom and bark to fruit!

Meet Craig, the friendly Forest Ranger and resident tree expert. It's his job to make sure the woods are a peaceful and happy place, but he's having a tough time of it today! A cheeky squirrel has stolen his Chocolate Covered Nutty Snack Bar, his niece 'Little Red' has wandered off the path on her way to Granny's house, the mysterious old Wizard of the Woods is playing tricks again, and there are even rumours of a big bad Wolf in the forest!  

Will Craig save the day? Come and find out, and along the way learn how to identify different trees, discover the wonder of photosynthesis, meet some friendly forest creatures and encounter crazy characters from folklore and fairy tales!

'Tales from the Trees' is a terrific tangle of puppetry, storytelling, live music and comedy, with a theme that embraces natural history, folklore and ecology. Listen! The trees have tales to tell...

Performance included in cost of garden entry ticket.

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Old Herbaceous

Saturday 17th August 19:30

by Kick In The Head Productions

Described as "Downton Abbey with gardening tips", Old Herbaceous is the humorous love story of a single-minded yet gentle man with a passion for plants and is a charming one man play which has entranced sell-out audiences all around the country over the last two years. As Old Herbaceous, renowned actor Giles Shenton truly lives the part of the legendary Head Gardener, Herbert Pinnegar, inviting you to feel included in a private chat from a bygone, comforting age. Keeping you engrossed, amused and emotionally engaged from start to finish, Old Herbaceous will leave you with a feeling that, perhaps, all's right with the world.

"What exactly was the factor that kept the audience riveted to Giles Shenton's performance? He draws us into his world from his first entrance... and we are held entranced from start to finish... it is a nostalgic, quietly satisfying evening spent with someone who creates an instant rapport with the audience, drawing us into his world and making the characters in it so real you feel you have known them forever." Edinburgh Fringe Review


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Gangsta Granny

Sunday 18th August 18:30

by Heartbreak Productions

Meet Ben, an 11-year-old want-to-be plumber fed up with spending his Friday nights at Granny's. All she wants to do is play Scrabble and eat cabbage - not exactly his idea of fun!

Hungry and bored Ben goes searching for something more edible in the kitchen and stumbles upon an old biscuit tin. The tin holds more than just digestives, however, it contains Granny's biggest secret...

Ben's Granny is an international jewel thief - and she needs his help to pull off her biggest heist yet, stealing the Crown Jewels!

Heartbreak Productions invites you to share in this exciting escapade, a David Walliams' best seller adapted for the outdoor stage. Join us, Ben, and his Gangsta Granny on their grandest adventure full of forbidden fun. 


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Stones And Bones

Saturday 24th August

13:00 & 15:00

by Squashbox

Come on a journey to Ancient Cornwall...

A land of fiery volcanoes and strange prehistoric creatures...
A land of myth and legend, giants and druids...
A land of ancient stone circles and mysterious monuments...
A land of Stones and Bones...
Stones And Bones is a marvellous mix of history and mystery!

Find out all about archaeology and fossils, say hello to one of your stone-age ancestors, hear stories of giants and wizards, see a volcano erupting before your very eyes, and maybe even glimpse a dinosaur or two...

There will be thrills and spills galore, but also lots of laughs, plenty of puppets, songs, slapstick, tall tales and crazy characters - all presented in that unique Squashbox style!

Performance included in cost of garden entry ticket.

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Wednesday 28th August 19:30

by Illyria

Brilliant young student Viktor Frankenstein discovers how to endow dead organic matter with life itself. It is one thing to stitch together an anatomically complete organism, but quite another when it becomes a living, breathing creature that shows intelligence, feels torment - and demands answers of its creator.

Viktor, disgusted by his creation and unable to face the consequences of bringing it into the world, escapes his claustrophobic university life to return home to Switzerland. But the Monster is not to be put off, and it relentlessly tracks him down.

Jealous that Viktor is about to marry his childhood sweetheart and create life in a more conventional way, the Monster resolves to ransom him until a wife is created for him also...


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The Grace Notes

Saturday 7th September

Back following two years of sold-out performances!

Uplifting, inspirational, powerful and emotive, from Aretha Franklin to Marvin Gaye gospel-style, The Grace Notes will also be playing smooth jazz and soul favourites from the likes of Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder.

Lead vocalist, Ley Adewole, is a national award-winning gospel singer and has performed with Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and George Michael.

With vocalists, Jo Ellis and Janice M, Richard Penrose on keys, Yan Speake on bass and vocals and Damian Rodd on drums, The Grace Notes create spine-tingling moments, infectious energy and are not to be missed!